Where I spend most of my time during quarantine. Photo Credit: Christian Awong


By Christian Awong


Never in my lifetime did I think I’d be living in a time like this. My life alongside many others have changed tremendously. With being in quarantine for a little bit over a month now, my world has not been the same. I used to have myself set on a routine, however, due to my new pandemic style of living, my routine has gone out the window. I captured a photo of my bed because it is where I have spent the majority of my time throughout the days.

I battle with depression and anxiety and as of late, it has been extremely difficult to get myself out of bed or be productive. It gets to the point where I am forced to face and monitor myself alone in a room with me and my thoughts. Sometimes, I may even experience multiple panic attacks throughout the day. Most days, I wake up around in the late afternoon and I tend to go to sleep early in the morning.

Logic would dictate that, as an introvert, staying inside would be easy, but it has been quite the opposite. I miss my friends and loved ones and it hurts to know that many people all over the world are losing their lives. However, my experiences have not been all bad. I have found the time to be more creative in my artistry and music. I have written and recorded many ideas that I hope to shape and produce into great pieces of work. I have also used this time to be more in tuned with my faith and spirituality. Since we may not know the outcome of COVID-19 or when the pandemic will end. All we can do is follow the status of the coronavirus, listen to the those in authority that know what they are doing — and have society’s best interest at heart — as well as for everyone to keep hope alive.

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