Kobe Bryant, 24, playing basketball for the Los Angles Lakers. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Mural of Kobe Bryant. Photo Credit: FrankieLizardo

By Wesley Price

We watched you from afar
Marveled at your talents
But you were more than a basketball player
You were a revolutionary, an icon
From an early age, you had dreams
Of running out of a tunnel
You wouldn’t let anyone stop that
As a teenager, you stepped on the scene
Charismatic and athletic
Some saw you as cocky
But soon you would put the world on notice
Hours and hours of preparation and dedication
You wanted to be best that ever lived
You gave your mind and body to the sport you loved
To your spirit and soul
Blood, sweat, and tears never stopped you
A true warrior with a heart of gold
You were infatuated with the journey, not the destination
Goals to inspire a generation
That you have
A mentor to anyone who would seek you
20 seasons you gave everything you had
You wanted six rings like MJ
Everyone thought you only had five rings
But you truly had six
Five on the court and one-off of it
with your wife
The one that meant the most that gave you your family
Heroes get remembered but
Legends never die
Your passion gave your purpose
You taught us that you can’t stop people from trying to limit your dreams
But you can stop the limit you put on yourself
Out of sight but never out of mind
You will live on through millions
In your words “Mamba Out!”


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