By Isaac Blunt

COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, is the largest pandemic to hit the world since the Spanish Influenza. It has caused a global shutdown of nonessential personnel and activities. For the first time since I can remember, Disney World closed its doors to visitors and the Great Mouse put on its safety mask.

However, there are people who remain at work, fighting the good fight. Essential workers like police, firemen, hospitals, construction, and grocery workers remain in their regular stores and stations continuing to serve the public. I am a sophomore at Reinhardt University and reporter for the Eagle Eye. I work my day job as a Publix customer service staff. Below are some of the photos I have accrued of several stores in his area.

These photos serve as proof of the severity of the pandemic. In his four years working for Publix, I have never seen so many people scared and panicking about keeping their homes stocked with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and spaghetti sauce. Publix is experiencing a never before seen surge in business. Daily, they run out of clean shopping carts for customers. An additional hiring in stores has taken place company-wide to help the rising unemployment as well as to process the sheer increase in the volume of business.

In addition, to continue providing essential goods for the public, Publix is doing its part to combat the “Big Bad Rona”. They perform hourly sanitation on all points of contact across the store, provide freshly cleaned carts for customers and put into effect social distancing precautions. Publix’s aisles have been marked with one-way directional arrows to limit the amount of people passing one another, and has taped down six-feet distances on registers for waiting customers.


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