All fans must buy a ticket to go to any Reinhardt event. Photo Credit: filipefrazao

By Sierra Ruetten

It’s Fall sports time at Reinhardt University! 

Now that we are seven months into the COVID Era, we’ve come to expect wearing a mask and social distancing. However, 2020 has brought a few new rules and regulations for athletes and spectators. 

Tickets for sporting events sell fast! Try to get tickets as soon as they become available. Photo Credit: David Wade

Because of COVID-19, Reinhardt has limited the number of people who can attend games. Only 250 people can be present at one outdoor sporting event; this includes both teams, coaches, parents, staff, faculty, and students. Away fans can no longer attend games. 

In the past, tickets were not needed to attend an event. Now, everyone must purchase tickets on Reinhardt Athletic’s website. Tickets are available for students, staff, and professors after entering a password. The password gives the recipient free tickets. Without the password, tickets will cost $5, plus a $3 service fee. 

Ticket purchasing has caused a few issues. Because the rule is new, students find it hard to remember to purchase tickets. Tickets also tend to sell out quickly, so students must remember to buy them immediately, or they and their families may miss the event. Due to a limited number of tickets sold, there is a problem with unused tickets, causing some to miss out on events. Reserving a few tickets for students’ families would be an easy fix. 

Upon entering the checkpoints, ticket takers will scan tickets and ask for identification to ensure that tickets belong to the purchaser. Parents will need to show their ID at the entrances. 

There are pros and cons to enforcing ticket purchases at sporting events. Reinhardt’s goal is to keep students and visitors safe. If the school believes this is the best way to keep everyone safe, students must trust that it has their best interests at heart. 

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