By Khalil Wilson


Have you ever been to a late-night hitting session at the cages, also known as “The Lab? This is where we baseball players work on our craft and skills to show to the world on game days. 


Real success in baseball doesn’t come from working alone. You play on the field with a team, but you also work as a team when no one is watching. 


The key to being successful in baseball is not only putting in overtime but staying relaxed and patient. When you do that, the game becomes somewhat easier. 


The key to a fluid swing is a smooth follow-through finish and consistency. Fluid swings aren’t made overnight, though. They take practice to find a swing that fits you and that you are comfortable with. 


Hitting is not the only thing you do to become successful in baseball. You need to gain some size, muscle, explosiveness, stability, and mobility.   


Mobility is essential, too. That goes for all sports. If you’re not loose, you limit yourself from playing at your full potential.  


Much like with hitting, it’s better to do it with someone who’on the same mission as you. You need someone who motivates and pushes you to get even 1% better every day. 


The field of dreams is where all the magic happens. The field is where you succeed and sometimes fail. 



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