By Celestin Chung

Beautification Day


Students helped to clean and freshen up the Shade Garden near the Bell Tower on the Reinhardt University campus by planting beautiful pansies 

As you stroll from Gordy’s Dining Hall to Lawson, you can admire the beautiful arrangement. Each pansy is perfectly planted inside the triangular plot. It’s nice to see the golden flecks surrounding the statue reflect sunlight off their petals.  

Speaking of the Dining Hall, outside, as you walk from the dorms in Eagle’s View and Hubbard, stop by Simms Garden and take a look at another gorgeous flower arrangement.

With Christmas approaching, Reinhardt gets festive by displaying a deer pulling a sled in front of the Hasty Student Center.

Saunter up the walk to Lawson to find a weeping willow dangling its bare branches, while the other trees are still full of leaves.

And don’t forget about Lake Mullenix. It’s one of the most scenic places on campus! Wander along the grass path during sunset to catch the sun overlooking Lake Mullenix, casting a lovely reflection on the water. In the shadows is the Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC).

Isn’t it lovely? 

The Townsend Bridge over Lake Mullenix connects the FPAC to the rest of the campus.

             Despite COVID-19 downsizing the campus community, Reinhardt is still a wonderful place to be. 


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