By Kinleigh Stancil

Hipp in the hospital.

“Will I live?”

These are the words written by Reinhardt freshman Braeley Hipp on a piece of paper, addressed to the group of doctors performing her life-saving surgery.

As any college student would be around finals week, Hipp had been feeling stressed on November 9, 2020, as she juggled work, lacrosse practice, homework, and social life, all amid a global pandemic. To take a break from the commotion, Hipp turned to her favorite stress reliever, running.

In the late morning, she went out to escape her worries when a truck struck her at a crosswalk on campus.

She woke up in the hospital to see her parents. Concerned about her homework and practice later that day, she could not talk. The doctors assured her that everything would be okay. She wrote “I am sorry” on a piece of paper.

She could not remember anything from the incident and was compelled to listen to multiple stories from people who had been at the scene of the accident. She eventually pieced together what she believes happened. The accident had broken her femur and damaged her nose and mouth.

After multiple surgeries and procedures, Hippy finally went home to a different life.

Her breaking point occurred when she realized she could not walk up the stairs to her room. With a rod in her hip that travels to her knee, she became incapable of even lifting her arms, but she started with small steps each day. From walking to the kitchen to the mailbox and later to the stop sign, she progressed further each day. Throughout her recovery, she was on a liquid diet and lost a lot of weight and strength.

However, she kept her faith in God strong and leaned on Him for support. Hipp has always been an adamant believer in God, and she said that every doctor, nurse, and specialist she met throughout the healing process had prayed with her. She believes that her accident could have been fatal, and God was the One by her side through it all.

Perseverance has always been one of Hipp’s values. Whether on the lacrosse field or in her studies, she is determined to achieve her goals and overcome her obstacles. Having conquered her injuries, Hipp now puts her faith in God’s hands and is determined to remain steadfast under trial.

Hipp is a fighter.

“The worst can happen, but you can overcome.” – Braeley Hipp 

A positive attitude and her faith in God keep Hipp going.

Hipp has always had a positive attitude and has been a “glass half full” kind of girl. Even after her accident, she says life has not changed that much. She stays positive and motivated. Some days are challenging, but she continues to put her faith and trust in the Lord. “My daily routine remains the same, except for plenty of stretching and applying lots of scar healing cream,” she laughs. “It’s all about having a positive outlook.”

Hipp has had many opportunities to share her story and mission through multiple programs, such as The Casey Powell Lacrosse Foundation, Generations Church, and Barstoolnumerous women’s collegiate lacrosse teams, and her communities, both in her hometown in Gwinnett County and here at Reinhardt.

Moving forward, Hipp hopes to finish out her degree in nursing and play college-level lacrosse. She still enjoys being active when she can and is working on getting back on the lacrosse field. She is a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, still supporting them after their loss in the Super Bowl this year. She continues to have a positive outlook on life and the determination to keep moving. Most importantly, her faith and trust in God have only become deeper as a result of these events.

She leaves us with her favorite Bible verse, Hebrews 12:1: “Let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” 


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  1. Amazing and inspirational story of faith! May Braeley not only have her health completely restored, but be stronger and better than ever. Braeley, your best is yet to come!

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