New History App

From John Tierney on Instapundit:

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN KARL ROVE? On Fox News’ The Five, Dana Perino reported that Karl Rove tried out an iPhone quiz app called History Prep and scored 9 of 10 on a quiz about Reconstruction. I urge you to try besting him on that topic — or any other area of history — by downloading the app. It’s free. And — full disclosure — it was created by my 16-year-old son, Luke, one of the growing number of history buffs in high schools. American students may not do well in most international academic competitions, but they rule in history, thanks to the tournaments run by the National History Bee & Bowl. At the International History Olympiad last year, Bruce Lou from California beat out a Thai student to take first place in the varsity division, and Luke won the junior-varsity division. (In the middle-school event, though, Singapore took the top two spots.) The kids in the these competitions displayed an amazing range of knowledge. A few of the answers they got right: the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the Merovingian dynasty, Wang Mang, the Council of Trent, the White Lotus Buddhist movement, the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Sound unfamiliar? Get the History Prep app!