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The History Program of Reinhardt University (Waleska, Georgia, USA) is located on the first floor of Tarpley Hall, hence the title of this blog. The professors in our program are:

Kenneth Wheeler (Ph.D., The Ohio State Univ., 1999) – khw@reinhardt.edu
Theresa Ast (Ph.D, Emory Univ., 2001) – tla@reinhardt.edu

Former members:

Jonathan Good (Ph.D, Univ. of Minnesota, 2004) – jdg@reinhardt.edu jdagood@hotmail.com
Anne Good (Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota, 2005) – amg@reinhardt.edu agood@umn.edu
Timothy Furnish (Ph.D., The Ohio State Univ., 2001) – trf@reinhardt.edu

Permission to reprint in non-profit venues is hereby granted, although correct attribution is required. Of course, anything that appears on this blog does not necessarily represent the official position of Reinhardt University or of all of us.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,

    I read the study about St. George and Al-Khidr. It’s great! I’m from Alcoi, Spain. St. George it’s the Patron Saint of the city. We have a festival every April 22-24 called Moros y Cristianos in his honor. We call him Sant Jordi, he helped liberate the city in 1276. It is said that when the moors saw him they yelled: Walli, Walli !!.

  2. just ran across the blog entry on the atlanta campaign…I’m a local historian and surveyor and am familiar with the areas on those maps…I would enjoy sharing info on those localities, especially laffin’ gal.
    scott holcombe

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