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From (hat tip: Ken Wheeler), news about history major Ari Tatum ’13:

Client success manager secures job during international crisis

This story was produced as part of the WRBL 2020 Summer Intern program

As Americans scramble to keep some semblance of income, the unemployment rates continue to skyrocket across the country. A lot of people are worried for their lives and wellbeing as they seek employment at whatever company is currently hiring. Though many are unsuccessful in their attempts to get hired, there are a few that are fortunate enough to gain a job.

One of the lucky people who has secured a job in the COVID19 era is local Georgia resident Ari Tatum.

Tatum is a graduate of Reindhardt University with degrees in History and Business Marketing. He was also a student athlete for University of Houston’s football team for two years before transferring institutions. He is currently pursuing his MBA at University of Georgia.

This July, Tatum was hired full-time as a client success manager at ServiceTitan. A client success manager is someone who interacts with customers routinely to update them on campaigns or projects and serves as the main point of communication between clients and the company.

Before applying to ServiceTitan, Tatum applied for other jobs, which ultimately led nowhere. Due to the large quantity of applicants trying to get hired as well, he says his application process was very extensive.

“It was tough, man. There were times where I felt discouraged and I was lost in the shuffle. You go through the motions of filling out job applications and going on interviews, only to hear ‘we’re freezing all hiring,’ or you don’t ever hear back from anything,” said Tatum.

Tatum says that the endless cycle of applying everywhere and getting nowhere could take a toll on his confidence and motivation. However, when he applied to ServiceTitan, he felt that the directness of their instructions gave him the drive he needed to not give up.

“It was definitely tough because there were so many unknown factors. But it was nice working and interviewing with ServiceTitan because they were very upfront about everything. They never left you unsure; you knew where you stood and it was nice,” said Tatum.

More at the link. Congratulations, Ari!