We’ll be talking about Roman Emperor Augustus (r. 31 BC-AD 14) in HIS 111 tomorrow; coincidentally the frescoed rooms of his palace have been unveiled for the first time:

ROME (AFP) – Lavishly frescoed rooms in the houses of the Roman Emperor Augustus and his wife Livia are opening for the first time to the public Thursday, after years of painstaking restoration.

The houses on Rome’s Palatine hill where the emperor lived with his family are re-opening after a 2.5 million euro (S$4.08 million) restoration to mark the 2,000 anniversary of Augustus’s death – with previously off-limit chambers on show for the first time.

From garlands of flowers on Pompeian red backgrounds to majestic temples and scenes of rural bliss, the rooms are adorned with vividly coloured frescoes, many in an exceptional condition.

Restorers said their task had been a complex one, with bad weather during excavation threat[en]ing the prized relics of a golden era in the Eternal City.