Bayeux Tapestry Pictures

As promised, photographs of the Bayeux Tapestry reception at the University of North Georgia this past Friday. They were all taken on my iPhone; apologies for the general lack of quality.

Here is the obligatory picture of Price Memorial Hall:

The whole tapestry is pretty much to scale, although it is not embroidered, but painted with acrylic paint in colors closely matching the original.

It is a pleasure to see the whole thing as a continuous frieze, rather than the discrete chunks that publishers must break it into in order to publish it in a book.

The Tapestry is some 230 feet long; it continued on the outside of the U:

In this format, one certainly notices details that one may have previously missed.

Participants included Christopher Jespersen, Dean of Arts and Letters, as MC:

Judge Edd Wheeler, sponsor of this reproduction:

Theresa Jespersen of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, who spoke about the Bayeux Tapestry (and other artifacts) as teaching tools:

Kelly DeVries of Loyola University, Maryland, who spoke about military technology on display in the tapestry:

Glen Kyle of the Northeast Georgia History Center in period costume, and Tim May, associate dean of the College of Arts and Letters:

At the end of the evening the reproduction was rolled up into a specially designed box: