Talk by Tim May

“Imperial Women: Khatuns in the Mongol Empire”

On Tuesday, March 1, in Hill Freeman Library, as part of Women’s History month and Anne Good’s Topics in Women’s History class, Dr. Timothy May of the University of North Georgia discussed how the status of women in the Mongol Empire greatly differed from that of women in similar positions in the Confucian, Islamic, and Christian worlds of the Middle Ages. Not only did the Mongol queens serve as advisors and regents, but did so openly and publicly. They were a visible part of the court life and very much enmeshed in the political and commercial life of the empire. 

The talk was a great success – Dr. May was as charming and informative as ever.


Exhibit at Hill Freeman Library

For the next month Hill Freeman Library will be featuring some of the art of Polish-American artist Wanda Maria Ast (1909-2007), grandmother of Reinhardt history professor Theresa Ast. Dr. Ast will be speaking about Wanda Maria on Thursday, October 29, at 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Some of the art on display:


Tahitian Women. Oil on canvas, c. 1985.


Young Thinker. Oil on canvas, c. 1980.


Red Beard and Trench Coat. Oil on canvas, c. 1985.