The Confederate battle flag might now be officially verboten, but that just means that it now flies all the more from private homes and vehicles. I have been interested to see other flags that accompany it: twice now I have seen pickup trucks with a battle flag flying on the one side, and an American flag flying on the other, as though to say no, this is not a symbol of treason, just Southern identity! Others try to link the “rebel” flag with the original rebellion of 1776, reiterating the Confederate argument that all they were doing was sticking it to the Man. “When in the course of human events…” and all that. Thus the display of the Southern Cross and the Pine Tree Flag outside the North Georgia Mercantile in White, Georgia:

Others have linked the battle flag with the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”); I also saw a flag composed of Ben Franklin’s “Join, or Die” cartoon:

From Wikipedia

As far as I am aware this was never a flag as such, although it makes for a nice one. I suppose that to really go with the Confederate flag the sections should be relabeled so that only Southern states are depicted. But I think it was always taken for granted that the seceding states would form their own union (which they did on February 4, 1861, a mere 46 days after the first state broke away from the US).