Georgia Medievalists

Another successful meeting of the Georgia Medievalists’ Group took place today at the Atlanta International School. Our lineup included:

Adam Oberlin, Atlanta International School: “Mapping Middle High German”

Ryan Lynch, Columbus State: “Compilation, Transmission, and the Contours  of Textual Reuse in Classical Arabic Historiography”

Jonathan Good, Reinhardt University: “The Arms of St. Michael”

Micheal Crafton, University of West Georgia: “The Bayeux Tapestry: William’s Aeneid”

John Clements, ARMA: “Renaissance martial disciplines and close-combat teachings”

This last presentation was the longest and most enthusiastic. John Clements runs the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, which is dedicated to recreating late medieval and Renaissance fighting techniques, by closely following the instructions as laid down in any number of early modern fighting manuals. Check out his article “Swordfighting: Not What You Think It Is” for more information.


John Clements in action.