Georgia Medievalists

The fall 2014 meeting of the Georgia Medievalists’ Group took place on Saturday, November 8 at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. Wendy Turner and I founded this group back in 2008.

This was our twelfth meeting and one of the best ones yet. Not only did we have a record eight papers, we got to see a production of Ben Jonson’s Jacobean masque News from the New World Discovered in the Moon. The papers were:

Thomas MacMaster, University of Edinburgh: “‘Aeraglius emperor erat specious conspecto’: Imagining Emperors in the Chronicle of Fredegar”

Cassandra Casias, Emory University: “Rebel Nuns and the Bishop Historian: Gregory of Tours’ Use and Misuse of Radegund.”

Wendy Turner, Georgia Regents University: “The Woman Constable of Harlech Castle”

Michel Aaij,* Auburn University at Montgomery: “Teaching Judith Back into the Canon”

Lindy Brady, University of Mississippi: “A Late Analogue to Wulf and Eadwacer?”

David Johnson, Florida State University: “Old English recycled, or: Pointing the way to heaven in early 13th-century Worcester”

James Todesca, Armstrong State University: “Selling Castile: Coinage, Propaganda, and Mediterranean Trade in the Age of Alfonso VIII”

Bobby Nixon, Columbus State University: “Reinventing the Spanish Middle Ages in 1940s Cinema”

Columbus State’s newly-founded Medieval and Renaissance Studies Workshop and Certificate is up and running and now represents one of the best places in the state to pursue this noble subject!


Dr. Aaij, I was pleased to learn, knew former Reinhardt professor Kevin Crawford at the University of Alabama and has composed a Wikipedia entry on him.