“History of the World in Sixteen Piles of Crap”

A facetious (faecetious?) book proposal from a grad school friend:

Great Rift Valley Coprolite: Cooking and the evolution of human physiology
Mammoth Chunks in Fossilized Turd, North America: Homo sapiens peoples the earth
Cow Dung, Anatolian Plateau: Agriculture and the secondary products revolution
Toilet, Mohenjo-Daro: The invention of urbanization
Night Soil, Huang He River Valley: The creation of imperial economies
Road Apples, Transoxania: The impact of pastoralists on Afro-Eurasia
Unholy Shit, Levant, Mesopotamia, South Asia: Cleanliness and the development of “world” religions
Monkey Poo Marginalia: Culture in the Middle Ages
Nitrate Beds, Central Europe and the Ganges Valley: Gunpowder and global empires
Slave Ship Bilges, Atlantic Ocean: Early Modern global economies
Guano Mountain, Chincha Islands: Industrial revolution
Sewage System, London: Cholera and Modern Medicine
Fake Poop: The Haber-Bosch process, modernity, and the industrialization of war
Gandhi’s Enemas, South Asia: Decolonization
Disposable Diapers, USA: Twentieth century gender and identity in the core
Feces in Ground Beef: Globalization and the 21st-century Environment

One thought on ““History of the World in Sixteen Piles of Crap”

  1. Really a great collection. I would replace the name from “Homo sapiens peoples the earth” to “Homo BUT NOT sapiens peoples the earth” 🙂

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