Leake Mounds

I’ve blogged about the Etowah Mounds, but these were not the only Indian mounds in Cartersville. This afternoon we visited the Leake Mounds Interpretive Trail, which consists of a winding path on both sides of Highway 113, just north of the Cartersville airport. Unfortunately, the site no longer contains any mounds! They were “razed in the 1940s for use as road fill when the Dallas-Rockmart Road was moved to its present location.” So you have to use your imagination:

Where the mounds once were.

The trail provides a nice walk, however, and the signage (produced in part by the University of West Georgia’s Center for Public History) is very informative. The information itself was largely gleaned from an archaeological dig in 2004-06 by Southern Research of Columbus, Georgia. The Bartowdig.com website has the full story.