Oak Hill Cemetery

Some local tourism: today we wandered around Oak Hill Cemetery in Cartersville. It features trees and terraced hillsides, i.e. it is definitely a cemetery in tradition of Mount Auburn in Massachusetts.


It dates from 1838, when it was the cemetery for Ebeneezer Methodist Church, but was acquired by the city of Cartersville in 1850.


Famous occupants include P.M.B. Young, Confederate General, four-term U.S. Congressman, and diplomat:


John W. Akin, founder of the Cartersville Masonic Lodge (hence the Corinthian column), Georgia state representative and senator:


The great Samuel Porter Jones, Methodist preacher:

jonesRebecca Latimer Felton, the first woman member of the United States Senate. 


(It seems appropriate, given this woman’s unfortunate racial views, to draw attention to a website about the last two lynchings of African-American men in Cartersville: Jesse McCorkle in 1916, and John Willie Clark in 1930.)

Then there are all the interesting headstones:

finger hands shaw

Apparently the Woodmen of the World used to provide distinctive wood-themed headstones for their members:

woodmen1 woodmen2