Once There Was An England

Discovered an interesting four-part series last night on YouTube entitled Endgame in Ireland. A very telling exchange occurs at 2:30 in the first episode (“Bomb and Ballot Box”): the IRA has just bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton in the hopes of killing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet who were there for the 1984 Conservative Party conference. The bomb killed five people, but not any of the intended targets, and as Mrs. Thatcher emerged from Brighton Police Station she gave an impromptu interview:

Reporter: How are you?

Mrs. Thatcher: Very well, thank you very much. Our worry is whether there’s anyone under that rubble, I don’t know whether you’ve seen it but it’s pretty awful. You hear about these atrocities, these bombs; you don’t expect them to happen to you. But, life must go on as usual.

Reporter: And the conference will go on?

Mrs. Thatcher: The conference will go on.