Some Good News from Northern Ireland

From the Belfast Telegraph:

Treasure hunter finds gold posy ring from 1680 in County Antrim field

It may once have prompted a frantic search, but a treasured lover’s ring thought to have been accidentally dropped over 300 years ago has finally been found.

The gold ‘posy’ ring, thought to be the first of its kind found in Northern Ireland, was discovered by amateur treasure hunter Tom Ross in a field near Newtownabbey.

Dating back to around 1680, the romantic token is inscribed with poetry in old English – ‘I noght on gift bot gifer’, which translates as ‘Look not on the gift, but the giver’.

A church and burial ground were once in the area in the 18th century but it is thought the fine ring, engraved with foliate designs and with traces of black and white enamel, just slipped off the unknown woman’s hand on a chilly day.