You Know It!

Thirty reasons why it’s smart to hire a history student:

• When presented with a whole bunch of information, History students are trained to be able to quickly judge what is relevant, and why it is relevant.

• History students need to pick up on the jargon, locations, and terms associated with different historical periods and disciplines. If there’s unique lingo, acronyms, orlanguage that your team/organization uses, they will be quick to understand and adopt it.

• These kids know how to write.

• Oh, and they know how to summarize. Throw them a hodgepodge of random information, and they’ll turn it into a concise, focused, and coherent package.

• They can recognize long term effects.

• History scholars tend to be naturally interested people. Interested people are the best employees.

(I would say good history students, myself, but fundamentally I agree! Twenty-four more points at the original blog post.)