Nazareth: Humble Beginnings, Identity and Solidarity

Nazareth is located east of the Sea of Galilee and is believed to be the poor village where Jesus grew up until he became an adult.   In the NT, to distinguish him from other people who had the same name and to underline his humble socio-economic conditions, Jesus is primarily identified by his followers as “Jesus of Nazareth ” (John 1:45; cf. Matthew 27:32).   Nazareth was probably the poorest of all villages in Galilee during the first century.  By up-bringing, choice and symbolism, Jesus ministered to the marginalized on his time.

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Dr. Aquiles E. Martinez is Professor of Religion (Biblical Studies) and Coordinator of the Religion and Philosophy Programs at Reinhardt University. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Martinez has dedicated a good part of his life to equip pastors and church leaders in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experiences so they can serve their communities effectively. In addition to his many books, articles, and essays published in English and Spanish, Dr. Martinez has served several churches and the global community as an effort to help people develop significant relationships with God and their neighbors, especially with marginalized communities.
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