Herodion: A Symbol of Privilegie and Power

Located in a cone-shape hill near Bethlehem, we find a palace built by Herod the Great. The Herodion is believed to be the burial place of this foreign benefactor representing the interests of Roman imperialism. The Herodion was used as a fortress against Rome during the Jewish Revolt.  In 66 CE, it was captured by the Jewish Zealot sect who added baptismals and a tabernacle to the structure.  Year later, it was one of Simon bar Kokhba’s headquarters, a messianic figure struggling against the Romans.

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Dr. Aquiles E. Martinez is Professor of Religion (Biblical Studies) and Coordinator of the Religion and Philosophy Programs at Reinhardt University. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Martinez has dedicated a good part of his life to equip pastors and church leaders in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experiences so they can serve their communities effectively. In addition to his many books, articles, and essays published in English and Spanish, Dr. Martinez has served several churches and the global community as an effort to help people develop significant relationships with God and their neighbors, especially with marginalized communities.
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