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The Blind Dog: Virginia Lynn Hutton

You were the Blind Dog. The Blind Dog with no collar. Meek and unspoiled. Fur tangled. Burs woven in. Crusted with frothy mud You dipped Your head towards the ground and bowed before Him. He held the leash. A leash You could not see. The sound of his voice tickled Your ears to life and pulled You closer. He cooed from across the street. He called Your name and echoed words of home.   You galloped towards Him. Twitching with […]

A Night Walk on Seacrest Beach: Phillip Roberts

I am Phillip Roberts and I love enjoying at the beach side with friends and family. But this is about a recent drug test incident I saw which literally scared me.  THE DRUG TEST THAT TOOK EVERYONE BY SURPRISE “In mу 15 years оf workforce management аnd interviewing, I thought I hаd seen аnd heard іt аll, untіl оnе day. I gеt a саll frоm thе drug-testing agency wе used fоr pre-employment drug screening at the Legacy Healing Orlando. I […]

Murphy’s Law: Elise White

Amber sunset eyes gaze unflinchingly upwards See past things as they are To what they should be; A soulful countenance. Coat well-worn, white, gray, An adage to the foolishness of vanity. Yet he meticulously grooms. He treads lightly but jumps wholeheartedly , Silently teaching, Knowing no consequence, Believing that the ground is a welcoming place. He knocks over his food bowl with dignified ambivalence Yet cries for hunger and sustenance. A bittersweet melody. Sleeping , arms draw, peaceful, An overturned […]

Thrill Seeker: Bo Higgins

With boyish charm, like fire, He draws nearer to each shade of black. Each time, doused in Purple patches upon his ivory parchment. He, only to return with exuberant fervor. Fervor that leads him, To battle boughs that loom like wings, As he embraces its talon tipped branches. To climb a crag, just to peak the Amount it takes to say “Come at me!” Before jousting back at the earth. He, a man, who grasps a blade, only to know […]