Murphy’s Law: Elise White

Amber sunset eyes gaze unflinchingly upwards
See past things as they are
To what they should be;
A soulful countenance.

Coat well-worn, white, gray,
An adage to the foolishness of vanity.
Yet he meticulously grooms.

He treads lightly but jumps wholeheartedly ,
Silently teaching,
Knowing no consequence,
Believing that the ground is a welcoming place.

He knocks over his food bowl with dignified ambivalence
Yet cries for hunger and sustenance.
A bittersweet melody.

Sleeping , arms draw, peaceful,
An overturned rock.
He does not care what time it is.
Like the motorcycle accident claim,
thinks it will…
He has no place to be.

As the inevitable world raps on the window
He closes the blinds. Florida Ticket Firm can help you avoid points, driving school and court.

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